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Syllabus >> Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC-II)
Syllabus and Model Question Papers
Scheme of Studies
Notification With Model Question Papers for PRE-Home-Economics of HSSC-II 2021 and onward
Notification regarding scheme of studies in PRE-Home-Economics group at HSSC LEVEL
Pre-Home Economics Group (Syllabus)
Applied Sciences
Arabic (Syllabus)
Arabic (Model Paper)
Banking (Syllabus)
Banking (Model Paper)
Basic Medical Sciences
Business Statistics (Syllabus)
Business Statistics (Model Paper)
Cardiovascular Technology (Model Paper)
Civics (Syllabus)
Civics (Model Paper)
Clinical Pathology and Serology
Commercial Geography (Syllabus)
Commercial Geography (Model Paper)
Computer Science (New Syllabus)
Computer Science (Old Syllabus)
Computer Studies (Syllabus)
Dental Hygiene
Economics (Syllabus)
Economics (Model Paper)
Education (Syllabus)
Education (Model Paper)
English Advance / Elective (Syllabus)
English Advance / Elective (Model Paper)
English (Compulsory) (New Syllabus - 2006)
English Compulsory (Old Syllabus)
Fine Arts (New Syllabus)
Fine Arts (New Syllabus Guidelines)
Fine Arts (New Model Paper)
Fine Arts (Old Syllabus)
Fine Arts (Old Model Paper)
Geography (Syllabus)
Geography (Model Paper)
Haematology and Blood Banking
Health and Physical Education (Syllabus)
Health and Physical Education (Model Paper)
History of Pakistan (Syllabus)
Islamic History (Syllabus)
Islamic History Option I (Ummayyad and Abbassids) (Model Paper)
Islamic History Option II (Ummayyad and Muslims in Spain) (Model Paper)
Islamic Studies(Syllabus)
Islamic Studies (Model Paper)
Library Science (Syllabus)
Library Science (Model Paper)
Operation Theatre Techniques
Ophthalmic Techniques
Outlines of Home Economics (Syllabus)
Outlines of Home Economics (Model Paper)
Pakistan Culture (Syllabus)
Pakistan Culture (Model Paper)
Persian (Syllabus)
Persian (Model Paper)
Philosophy (Syllabus)
Philosophy (Model Paper)
Physics (New Syllabus - 2006)
Physics (Old Syllabus)
Physiotherapy Techniques
Principles of Accounting (Syllabus)
Principles of Accounting (Model Paper)
Psychology (Syllabus)
Psychology (Model Paper)
Radiographic Techniques
Sociology (Syllabus)
Sociology (Model Paper)
Statistics (Syllabus)
Statistics (Model Paper)
Urdu (Compulsory) (New Syllabus)
Urdu Compulsory (Old Syllabus)
Urdu Elective (Syllabus)
Urdu Elective (Model Paper)
             Note: The question paper will comprise three sections:
        - Section-A 20% MCQs. It will be compulsory and collected after prescribed time.
        - Section-B 50% short answers questions.
        - Section-C 30% long/essay type questions.